The 7th Pillar is the student newspaper of Sewickley Academy, reestablished in 2017 as an online-exclusive publication. This publication is an accessible public forum and resists censorship in all forms.

Mission Statement

The 7th Pillar student newspaper aims to inform, entertain, and connect members of the SA Senior School community, while also encouraging staff members and contributing writers to discover the joys of journalistic writing and gain the confidence to pursue and publish their stories.

Comments Policy

The 7th Pillar staff abides by the Sewickley Academy Community of Respect, and it is expected that readers will do the same when commenting on articles on this website. See the SA student handbook for more information on the Community of Respect. Readers must include their full real name and SA email address when commenting. If a comment is not appropriate, it will be removed.

Submissions Policy

The 7th Pillar welcomes submissions from the SA student body, but it will not publish anything that is deemed libelous, obscene or in poor taste, in accordance with the Supreme Court’s justified standards. Rights are reserved to postpone, edit or withhold from publication anything submitted which does not meet the specifications. We will not publish any criticism that is not constructive and/or is not supported by facts.

The meaning of any submission will not be altered, but we reserve the right to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation when necessary.

Corrections Policy

If an error is discovered, readers should alert the Editor-in-Chief at emahoney@sewickley.org. Corrections will be made as soon as possible. Spelling and grammatical errors will be fixed and the article updated without a note at the end of the article. All factual corrections and clarifications will be noted at the bottom of the article.

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