Field Hockey Team Completed a Fulfilled Season


SA Field Hockey takes on Shadyside Academy in an intense game on Shadyside’s field. Peter Lau/Sewickley Academy

Sylvia Wang, Sports Writer

From mid-August to late October, the Sewickley Academy Field Hockey team had a very fulfilling fseason. 

This season seniors Corinne Vanella and Caroline Cox were captains. The team lost a few players and gained a few more this year, which provided opportunities to try out new positions. Players got to try out for new spots that they previously had no experience playing. 

The team also gained a new coach this year, Ms. Brayer. “She’s really nice and has been a really great addition to the team,” said sophomore Angela DiAndreth.

With the changes that occurred, the team made it to playoffs for the second year in a row. They ended up winning two games in overtime, an exciting achievement. Throughout the season, there were a few standout games that were exceptionally memorable to the team members. 

DiAndreth shared the game that was most meaningful to her: the first away game against Latrobe. The drive was an hour long, and when they finally got there the sun was setting and the temperature was cold. DiAndreth said that “nobody was really sure what to think, and then [we] ended up beating them in overtime and celebrating the whole way back on the bus. It was a great game.”

Elizabeth (Betsy) Watters talked about the last game of the season, when the team played against Shady Side. “Even though we didn’t get the outcome that we wanted, I still think that everyone played their hardest and it was such a high energy game.” 

During the season, every team member played very hard in every single game, no matter who they faced. The girl’s field hockey team’s main goals for next year are to improve the skills they already have and to continue to develop their team chemistry both on and off the field.