Haiti Service Trip: A Podcast Interview

(Originally published March 14 2018)

The recording above is a podcast interview with five of the eight students who went on the Haiti Service Trip from January 12 to January 16. The interview highlights the experiences of the students as they learned about not only Haitian culture but also about themselves.

The participants of the interview are Leila Wynnyckyj (grade 12), Simren Shetty (grade 11), Alina Mattson (grade 11), Katherine Hughes (grade 11) , and Tru Dabney (grade 10).

The other students who went on the trip are Mishon Levine (grade 10), Lekha Amin (grade 11), and Isabel Straka (grade 11).

SS History Teacher and House Dean Mrs. Jessica Peluso accompanied students on the trip.

The interviewers are Ishika Saxena (grade 11) and Erin Mahoney (grade 10).