This Place Can’t Run Without Her

A Profile of New Senior School Registrar Ms. Curtis


New Senior School Registrar Ms. Curtis (Image Courtesy of Ms. Curtis)

Avni Kathju, News Writer

Erica Curtis is one of the new administrators joining the Senior School this year and is stepping into her role as the new registrar. The office of the registrar is responsible for maintaining student records and helping ensure that students’ academic performance meets graduation requirements.


Ms. Curtis is a native of Pennsylvania, growing up near DuBois in Western Pennsylvania. She finished her undergraduate education at Penn State University and went on to complete her graduate studies at Brown University and Columbia University. Although Ms. Curtis grew up in Pennsylvania, she has lived in Rhode Island, New York City, France, and South Korea. 


Her work history is also very impressive. Before joining the Academy, Ms. Curtis previously worked at the John Carroll School in Maryland and other local schools in Baltimore. She also has experience working at the university level, including working at Rhode Island University and Brown University.


Ms. Curtis was drawn to Sewickley Academy because of the many opportunities she noticed were offered outside of the classroom, along with those offered inside. Specifically, because she finds that it helps to support students in “finding their interests,” something she is very passionate about. In this regard, Ms. Curtis has a special connection with Mrs. Lindsay Downs, one of our Hansen librarians. Ms. Curtis had known Mrs. Downs prior to joining the Academy when they worked on reviving a peer-reviewed genealogy journal, a topic Ms. Curtis mentioned she is passionate about as well. 


Stepping into her role as the new registrar, Ms. Curtis often refers to her work as “a problem solving job”. She works closely to manage the portal and with other faculty and staff here at SA to engage with students’ grades, transcripts, service hours, scheduling, and report cards. She notes her favorite thing about working at Sewickley Academy is the students. 


“The students are really vibrant and energetic,” she explains, “just seeing how involved the students are and how they care about pursuing their interests outside the classroom, I think it’s really cool.” 


Outside of work, Ms. Curtis enjoys engaging in other topics she is passionate about, including do-it-yourself crafts and the fiber arts, outdoor activities, and carpentry. She notes that she shares a lot of her interests and gets her knowledge about said interests from her dad. “He taught me so much about the things that I am interested in,” she explains, “he always had me around and taught me these skills and I think they are invaluable.”


We are extremely excited to have Ms. Curtis join our SA community! As Mrs. Paula Plaza-Ponte is known to say, “This place can’t run without her”!