Being on the Front Lines of Change

A Profile of Senior School President, Rohan Shah


Senior School President Rohan Shah (Image Courtesy of Rohan Shah)

Ryen Harrison, News Writer

Sewickley Academy Senior School has welcomed a new student body president, Rohan Shah. A senior in House Haskell, Rohan has been a student at the Academy since he was in 7th grade. Previously, he was elected Middle School president in 8th grade, and served on Senior School Admin in grades 9 through 11. Recently, Ryen Harrison, a news writer on the 7th Pillar staff had a chance to interview Rohan and discuss some of the goals he has for this school year. Here’s what he said: 


What were your plans for the school year? Have they been going how you planned them to be? 


While there were many specific goals I had in mind for the school year, the overall plan I had was to restore the Senior School environment we had before COVID smoothly and effectively, where kids would have an optimal learning & social experience. So far, I definitely see students adapting well to Student Government’s changes, and we will continue to ensure students are living the best lives they can in school.


Why did you choose to run for school president? Are you happy with your choice? 


I chose to run for school president because I wanted to be on the front lines of change to our school so that Sewickley Academy was being represented the way we wanted it to be.  I am more than happy I ran, and hope to lead more change as the year goes on! 


What can you do to help prepare the students below us to be a leader like you? 


It’s very challenging to take on the role of a leader no matter the specific position you are in, but through mentoring younger students, providing them with simple pointers on how to grow confidence and lead a group to achieve a mission they desire, we can create the next leaders of our school.

The 7th Pillar would like to thank Rohan Shah for his time, and we wish him the best success in the upcoming year. If you have any questions for Rohan or admin, you can reach him at