Girls’ Soccer Season Overview

AND GOAL FOR THE PANTHERS!!! Another win for Sewickley Academy’s soccer team!


Joyful members of the girls’ varsity soccer team (Image Courtesy of Aizah Kamal)

Laila Wade, News Writer

2021 Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team (Image Courtesy of Ms. Border)

Our soccer team had a very competitive season. Mrs. Peluso, Senior School dean of students and the head coach of the girls’ soccer team, gave The 7th Pillar an overview of the soccer team’s performance this season. 


Given the fact they had to replace an entire starting lineup, they were able to rebuild new highlights and formations with the players they gained. 


“The biggest success we had was rebuilding a new highlight and formation of these specific players,” said Mrs. Peluso. “It became an opportunity for younger players to gain experiences, learn, merge, and showed a lot of growth from game one to the last.” 


Despite COVID-19, “We were still able to have a full season,” Mrs. Peluso said. “[We] had summer training, which allowed players to begin building skills even before preseason started.”


Like any other sports team, our girls’ soccer team did come across a few challenges this past season. Several players received injuries, many of whom were “key components of our success,” said Mrs. Peluso. On the other hand, it gave other team players opportunities and helped the team overall moving forward. 


Although the team did not make it to playoffs this year, Mrs. Peluso said “it gives us an opportunity to gain confidence for making it to the playoffs next year.”


When asked if she had any advice for anyone considering joining the team, here’s what Mrs. Peluso had to say, “Being part of a team provides life lessons and provides you with things you can carry on beyond highschool. So join soccer!”