Getting to Know Mr. Slappy

Meet our new Senior School history teacher, Mr. Slappy! (Aizah Kamal/Sewickley Academy)

Meet our new Senior School history teacher, Mr. Slappy! (Aizah Kamal/Sewickley Academy)

Aizah Kamal

Mr. Slappy is one of the newest members of the Sewickley Academy faculty this year. He is a ninth grade history teacher and is also the first Black teacher in Senior School.
After growing up here in Pennsylvania, near Beaver Falls, Mr. Slappy attended Howard University for his undergraduate years.

“I always enjoyed reading and studying history throughout middle and high school,” he said, “[so] when it came time for me to choose a major for college I immediately signed up for history.”

Mr. Slappy’s passion for teaching began to stem while he was at Howard, where he received the opportunity to work as a classroom tutor at an elementary school nearby. This experience, along with his enthusiasm for history, fueled him to attend graduate school and study education and become a teacher.

Outside of work, Mr. Slappy started coaching the youth football, basketball, baseball, and soccer teams at Beaver Falls after his sons began playing sports. Family is important to him. He said, “My [wife and three kids] spend a lot of time together enjoying the outdoors and doing things like swimming, bike riding, playing games, and cooking out.”

Mr. Slappy was drawn to the Sewickley Academy community specifically because he recognized and supported our mission, which he said is to “develop their students’ full individual and collective potential in the service of a greater good.” Mr. Slappy wants to teach history in a way that stimulates discussion and promotes change.

Next year, Mr. Slappy will be teaching an elective course during the second trimester called African American History. It will be a class dedicated to help students gain a deeper understanding about how African-Americans have shaped this country’s past and how we can use this to create a more understanding society today. Be sure to check it out!