Family Faces in Famous Photos: A look into my family history through the works of Teenie Harris

Image Source: Anthony John Wiles, Jr. & the Carnegie Museum of Art

Anthony John Wiles, Jr

Photograph 1: This is one of my grandmother’s favorite photographs, and she recalls the day it was taken. It is a colored portrait of an Elliott Family Reunion in Penn Hills, 1963-1964, including Harris’ wife, Elsa, and their children.


Photograph 2: This is said to be Teenie Harris’ favorite photo. Taken in the Upper Hill District in 1944, it depicts his future wife, Elsa Lee Elliott, posed on an outlook in front of the Cathedral of Learning.


Photograph 3: An October 1944 photograph of Elsa Lee Elliott receiving a slice of cake from acclaimed actress, Lena Horne, at her birthday party in the Hill District’s famous Loendi Club.


Photograph 4: A circa 1948 image of Harris’s mother, Olga Harris, his wife, Elsa, and his two sons Ira Vann and Lionel Harris. This is believed to have been taken at Presque Isle on Lake Erie.


Photograph 5: A young photographer & his puppy. This self portrait was taken in 1926.


Photograph 6: A color photo of Teenie Harris’ mother-in-law, Annie Maria Elliott, taken at his Hill District studio in 1940.


Photograph 7: An October 10, 1959 photograph of my grandmother, Eva Carter Bonner, standing in front of Jenkins Arcade on Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. It accompanied a front page article  in the Pittsburgh Courier as part of the “Pittsburghers Speak Up” column. She responded to the question, “How do you think Soviet Premier Khrushchev’s visit to the United States affected relations between our country and Russia?”


Photograph 8: A circa 1950 photograph of the wedding of my great-aunt Eloise Carter’s and great-uncle Frank Henderson at Sixth Mount Zion Church in East Liberty.