SA Swim Team Makes Waves

Sylvia Wang, Sports Writer

Sewickley Academy’s swim team, in partnership with Quaker Valley, is extremely competitive in MACs and WPIALs, as well as consistently qualifying athletes for the state competition. 

The team’s success in competition could never be accomplished without the countless hours team members dedicate during and outside of the swim season. Like many other varsity sports teams, many athletes on the swim team train not only during the winter but also through fall and spring on their own, in addition to fulfilling Sewickley’s PE requirements. 

“Even though training could be tiresome, our coach and our team members always find ways to overcome it,” said Winnie Liu, a freshman who joined the girls’ swim team this season. 

After an especially stressful training session, head coach Alexis Glenn arranged for everyone on the team to take a break and play fun games like water polo. Even the team members who were done playing were still involved, cheering for teammates still in the water. According to Liu, this team spirit makes training a little less stressful. 

Meets give swimmers a chance to challenge themselves through races against other schools. Sophomore Amanda Kerrish talks about how one of the most memorable experiences for her was during a meet where she was swimming the 500-yard freestyle.

“Every time I turned my head to breathe while I was swimming, I saw my team standing on the side of the pool cheering me on,” she said. “Seeing my team support me made the 500 free much more fun than it normally would be.” 

While many might think that swimming’s individual nature would keep it from being a team sport on par with basketball or hockey, the team members think that their spirit is no different than any other team.

“At meets, you always see people standing at the end of the pool cheering for their teammates during a race. You also always have people congratulating you after a race,” Kerrish said. 

 One of the most unique aspects of the swim team is that when they train in the pool in the Sewickley YMCA, they do so alongside students from Quaker Valley. The boys and girls from Sewickley and Quaker Valley compete together, forming one larger combined team. Though they swim under the name Quaker Valley, they truly form a cohesive team, and the time they spend together throughout the season lets everyone to get to know each other really well, even across school lines.