The World Deserves a Good Heart

This stunning movie is about the long-lasting legacy of Mr. Rogers: a caring, loving, and kindhearted man whose influence upon the world will be endless. (

Aizah Kamal, Reviews Writer

Fred Rogers, better known as Mr. Rogers, is an actor who is best known for the television show “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.” The show was based on the importance of being kind to your neighbors and those surrounding you. His life’s ambitions were summarized into a well-made, popular movie called “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” which made $64 million dollars and taught a marvelous lesson.

The story begins with Lloyd Vogel, a cynical writer for the Esquire who is asked by his editor to write about heroes. Many of the heroes Vogel plans to meet with turn him down, but Vogel then travels to the WQED station in Pittsburgh where he would eventually interview Rogers.

During the interview, Rogers is dismissive of his fame, but rather expresses his concern for the injury Vogel had faced from a recent physical fight with his father, which then prompts a discussion about the importance of relationships.

Because Rogers was concerned about Vogel’s injury rather than the interview that was at hand, Vogel begins to learn the importance of caring for others rather than just himself. He also learns a lot about Mr. Rogers, who emphasized the importance of others over himself.

This was exhibited when Vogel goes to a restaurant with Rogers, who asks Vogel to spend a few minutes thinking about “the people that loved him to being.” Rogers specifically wants Vogel to dwell on those who have shaped him and have influenced his identity.

The whole concept of thinking about the things one should be thankful for has slowly begun to subside in society today. We should make a conscious effort to be thankful for things that we have in our lives.

While Vogel remembers the people who have shaped him, he thinks of his mother, who is suffering from late-stage cancer, and he thinks of his father, even though they have had a rough history. Rogers encourages forgiveness, and this is a lesson that needs to be learned globally. It seems like such a simple task, but truly isn’t. A person has to recognize that we cannot dwell on the past because we have no control over it, but we must move forward and influence the future based on the actions we take in the present.

With exceptional reviews on Metacritic, IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes, the movie brought to life by filmmaker Morgan Neville and director Marielle Heller examines Fred Rogers’ kind and benevolent life. “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” has offered a powerful and effective message about acceptance and understanding, a message that needs to spread around the world.